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The fundamental corporate value at CEKICLER is integrity, diversity and inclusion and it's in compliance with the traditions, law and legislation.

For over 50 years, CM (CEKICLER MARBLE) has a lot of talented people and a global team working together along with passion, respect and discipline

To produce excellence and unparallelled customer support with decades of experience in global business, backed by the stability of Cekicler, is its commitment. 

To reach its goal and even go further beyond; reliability, excellence, innovation and competence are also established as a fundamental basis for all its actions.

At Cekicler we consider our culture to be among our innovations, production and satisfaction of our partners.

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Since the family was started their commercial life in Emirdag 1909, by the grandfather of our company Hasan Cekic, the business has become increasingly more difficult and complex through the first world war. After the war a new era was started to address to new horizons.

The young Mustafa Cekic felt the need of starting new businesses and established the foundation of Cekicler Family Company in 1957. With an experience of more than 50 years in business; now, CEKICLER is a global corporation and leading manufacturer of industry.

Now we are culturing and skilfully removing natural stones from mines, quarrying precious blocks with patience and ability and turning them into high quality slabs, tiles and other products, providing a wide range of high quality materials selecting them among hundreds of types of marble, working it according to a highly mechanized and technologically in the forefront process to meet the needs of each user.

"Look with confidence to the coming days; be responsive, be flexible and provide more value to keep the trust and strong relationships." as our founder Mustafa Çekiç said in 1957. 

Our legacy of caring will continue; beacuse we all share the commitment of our founder. Since its founding in 1957 by Mustafa Cekic, Cekicler Company has grown to become a global corpotaion and leading manufacturer of industry.


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Manufacturing uncompromising quality is the only step in delivering a total quality marble to prestigious projects. Continous improvement with a dedicated responsibility to our nature.

CEKICLER has been awarded by The International Standards Organization by the ISO 9001 certificate which endorses the efforts of Cekicler to achieve the quality requirements and the ability of the organisation to quarry, supply, produce and marketing products which comply with the requirements in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers .

And also our OHSAS certificate shows our undrestanding of the responsibility to the nature in all of our processes and providing our workers and people safe and healty enviorement, by achiving quality requirements.

In addition we have certified by Sedex for being an ethical and responsible supplier, audited in Labour Standarts & Human Rights & Health and Safety & Environment & Business Ethics.


Since our business puts us close to nature itself, we are sensitive to environmental concerns and committed to the elimination of waste detrimental to the world we live in. Çekiçler’s also includes committement extends to recyling of scrap tile fragments, filtration and reuse of process water, energy efficieny, and continous improvement in production cycle.


Responsibility is one of our key to produce marbles succesfully. In all processes Çekiçler Marble Inc., strives for a cleaner, greener and safer environment. We distribute our products in nearly every country of the world, acknowleding our responsibility to the environment and society.



Cekicler ISO Quality      CEKICLER OHSAS