The marble has a rich history, dating back to HITTITES in ANATOLIA, TURKIYE, 8000 -9000 years ago from now. Marble has been used as a primary structural material for prestigious buildings, the statues and monuments.

ÇEKİÇLER Marble aims to add more value to culture more than just doing a business. Manufacturing uncompromising quality is only the first step in delivering a total quality marble to architects, sculptors, building owners and builders.

  • Onyx Fantastico
  • Canarian Cream Quarry
  • Crema Dorlion
  • Golden Spider
  • Champagne Quarry
  • Nuvola Onyx
  • Hammer Beige
  • Salome
  • Tundra Grey
  • Crema Carita
  • Crema Nova Extra
  • Bursa Dark Beige
  • Luna Pearl
  • Fiore Grigio
  • Rosalia